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Arinum Solutions is a premium provider of comprehensive customer experience solutions. Based in Sydney and working throughout Asia Pacific, our team prides themselves on understanding your needs and tailoring our service to suit your requirements. While we are experts in our field, we understand the need to not just ‘align’ business and IT, but to also make sure that they work together cohesively and systematically. We recognise that no one knows your business like you do and we make it our priority to collaborate with you to devise the best solution. It is perfecting that delicate balance of process, technology, understanding and expertise that has enabled Arinum to stand out in the market.

We believe that great customer relationships begin with one great experience, and are sustained by ongoing support and understanding.

Exceed customer expectations through a well managed experience and careful balance of process design and technology

CRM Implementation

Arinum has delivered more than 40 successful CRM implementations across the Higher Education, Financial Services, High Tech and Retail verticals. We have expertise in implementing solutions that deliver the following functionality:

  • Basic Knowledgebase and Enquiry Management
  • Omni Channel Support
  • Live Chat and Co-Browse
  • Student Support Services including specialised processes to cover Progress Reporting, Unsatisfactory Progress, Requests for Extension, Deferrals, Graduations and Orientation
  • Online Application Portals, Assessment of Applications within CRM and integration with Student Management Systems to push application data
  • Retention Processes aimed at implementing business processes and strategies to retain current students and/or customers
  • Lead Conversion Processes which include a combination of outbound mailings and phone based processes to convert leads into customers. Over the years Arinum has worked with a number of customers in this space and developed templates and strategies to rapidly implement this functionality within the CRM.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to integrate phone systems with the CRM and allow the customer record to be screen popped based on caller line identification or IVR captured data
  • Integrating with 3rd party applications including Student Management Systems, Billing Systems and Records Management systems to provide a 360 degree view of the customer within the CRM

Mobile Applications Development

We have a team of developers with expertise in both iOS and Android platforms to custom build any mobile application for your business needs. Our expertise in mobile applications development and CRM solutions makes us an ideal partner to integrate your mobile app with your CRM. Arinum has developed an iPad application to extended sales functionality in Oracle Service Cloud to a mobile device. This feature is not supported by the out of the box Oracle Service Cloud mobile app and can be particularly handy for customers considering to use sales functionality within Oracle Service Cloud for engaging with industry partners or managing relationships with schools via School Liaison Officers.

Implementation Approach

Arinum has a flexible approach to implementation services to suit our customer’s needs. We are equally comfortable with a traditional waterfall approach to implementations or an agile methodology. We like to understand project needs and requirements before recommending a specific approach to implementation services which could sometimes be a combination of different methodologies.

If we had to make a general recommendation for implementation services, we would opt for an agile approach as it leads to shorter implementation sprints and allows us to demonstrate value in a shorter period. We typically follow a 6 week sprint cycle with each cycle including a 6-step implementation approach as follows:


Our Value Proposition

  • 30+ years of combined CRM experience as a team
  • 100% onshore presence
  • Experience and understanding of multiple industry verticals with a specialisation in Higher Education with a proven track record of working around any system and data constraints
  • Ability to work with multiple CRM systems across all functional and technical areas
  • Flexible approach to implementations providing our customers the ability to scale up or down our involvement in projects based on your internal capabilities and skill sets
  • Our aim is to build a long term “trusted advisor” relationship with our customers through demonstrated expertise and value in the work we do
  • Implementation experience across all student life cycles starting from prospective students and applicants to current students and alumni management

At Arinum, we build solutions that range from simple standalone applications to complex frameworks that require multiple integrations and customer touch points.

Arinum Packaged Add Ons for CRM

Contact Merge Add on for CRM

Merge duplicate contact records in the CRM without losing any history associated with the different records being merged.

SMS plugin for CRM

Seamlessly integration SMS functionality into your CRM business processes.

Forward to SME Module

Collaborate with non-CRM subject matter experts to resolve customer issues and track all activity within the CRM.

Event Management Module for CRM

Incorporate events management functionality and one on one appointments within the CRM. Integrate with Outlook calendars and payment gateways.


Student Management System Integration with CRM

Supplement current student record in the CRM with data held in the Student Management System. Physically transfer relevant data required to manage CRM processes via a flexible framework and invoke real time web views for additional information.

HP Records Management (TRIM) Integration for CRM

On demand or automatic archiving of CRM data into HP Records Management. Enable a 360 degree view of the customer with data from records management system.

No one knows your business and its challenges better than you do. We’ll meet you there and together, we’ll have you soaring in no time.

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